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Audioscore is a sound production house where film composers, sound designers and other filmmakers can actually collaborate. By placing sonic collaborators at the very beginning of the audio-visual process, our goal is to provide unparalleled synergy, resources and dedicated time to achieve creative vision without compromise.

As sound is half of a film, we embrace our identity as filmmakers. Our team is made of meticulously chosen individuals; sensitive humans, unique musicians, thinkers, and, above all, storytellers who value the importance of a cut, tension, rythm and space ... and any other audio process that will carry emotions to the screen and enhance the story.


/ Curating singular film composer and re-imagining collaboration with filmmakers.

/ Sound and music affect us in a deeper way than images do, it is a pure and immediate emotion, very related to our imagination as an audience.

/ The first part of audio-visual is ... Audio. Our ears lead our eyes to where the story lives.

/ If we want our audience to feel something special, then the process in the making has to feel special to us the makers.


Head of Production 
Jonathan Ouanounou

Creative Director
Ludovic Gontrand

Elodie Moï

Production Coordinator
Amelie Saletti


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